Have you ever opened the Bible, with its many books and tons of chapters and felt kind of lost? Have you ever thought what it is all about, or have you ever questioned if it really had a point? And even if it does have a point, how does Noah and the Flood, or David and Goliath, or Father Abraham fit in? It is so easy for us to see God's Word as "this quote" or "that story", that we miss the BIG PICTURE. But if we take a look at God's Word holistically, we'll realize it is one Story, about one Promise, fulfilling one Mission! It is all about God pursuing you, me, and all mankind as He carries out his salvation plan through ONE Savior, JESUS! Join us starting January 11th as we walk through God's Word in our new series, and we begin to follow that THREAD: One Story; One Promise; One Mission!

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