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Some of us have grown up in ‘church,’ some of us have started ‘attending church’ somewhere along the way, and still others of us might still be skeptical of ‘church.’ But, what if we’ve gotten it all wrong? What if church isn’t something to attend, but something to be? What if Church isn’t just a building and a steeple but it’s us… the people! Have you ever been challenged to do more than just “go through the motions;” to go beyond just showing up, checking a box, and doing your time? What would it take for us to be REAL about our faith, our needs, our SAVIOR? Is it possible to tear down our personal walls and let others in? Can we take a step forward to be a new type of church, a faith community that actually resembles what Jesus did with his disciples? If these questions peak your curiosity then come and JOIN US, January 14th, as we take the first step in our new series, Rows to Circles: Going Beyond the Pews.

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