Are you tired of feeling incredibly close to the Creator of the Universe? Are you sick of sensing God’s presence? Is it time for you to stop living according to “real truth” and instead to just make up your own? Do you find yourself thinking, “Man – being confident of ‘forgiveness’, assured of things like ‘my eternity’ and living according to a grand plan from a good God is so, boring?”

Well, then do we have the series for you “Losing Your Faith in 4 Easy Steps for Dummies” That’s right, in four short weeks we’ll be giving you 4 easy steps to help you to be far from God, disconnected from God, full of doubt about God and living a life on your own and apart from God. This can be a life changing series to help you sabotage your spirituality. NOT!

This April, join us for the biggest spoof on Losing your Faith! (Non-Dummies invited, too)

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