Casting Call: BUMPER

Funny how every year we go into the Christmas season knowing what it supposed to be about and yet every year due to our crazy schedules, the plethora of meanings for the season that culture tries to sell us, the masses of frustrated, stressed out people shopping where you want to shop all ends up distracting us and confusing us of what Christmas really is all about. Join us for Advent, (all of the Sundays and Wednesdays before Christmas) as we diving into a new series called “Casting Call!” We will look at some of the characters in the true Christmas Story and how they could have so easily confused what this story was about... and yet even with their doubt or misunderstandings, and even with our distractions and short memories, this season of Christmas is about the greatest ACT of all! God unveiling Salvation plan for you and me through the Birth of His Son! Come join us for Casting Call!

Wednesdays and Sundays in December

Christmas Eve Times:

Candlelight and Carols at 5p & 7:30p featuring musicians from the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra

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